Downloading Contact and Company Information

Exporting contact and company information comes handy to exploit CRM data offline. Make sure to check out the merging contacts and companies article in order to get even more information on the topic of contact and company information.  Follow the below steps to download contact and company information:


Exporting information for one or multiple contacts

  1. Go CRM > Contacts or Companies
  2. If you need only specific lists, you can narrow your contact list by clicking the filter icon, select the criteria that applies to the data you want to export.
  3. Click the export icon to download an Excel file that includes all contacts in your filtered search.

  1. A popup window will appear to let you choose the fields you want to include in your download as well as a time zone for any time-related fields. Click the export button to download the information in an Excel format to your device.
  2. If there are more than 200 entries in your list, you will have to wait to receive an email notification that will indicate when your file is ready to download.
  3. When the file is ready, click the Gear icon ‘⚙️’ located in the top right navigation bar. On the Settings dropdown under CRM, click on Import/Export History. In the Export History tab, click the file name to start the download to your device.



Exporting information for one or multiple companies

[Follow the same steps than for contacts listed above from the CRM > ‘Company’ section]