Creating, managing, and importing subscription lists


Creating a subscription

In the Campaign module’s Subscription section, click the + Add Subscription button to create a subscription list. Name your subscription, write a public description, and customize subscriber settings. You can choose to make the subscription list private, restrict the subscription to active members, automatically subscribe people who register for an event, or automatically subscribe all new active members.

Additionally, you can require opt-in consent. If you require opt-in consent, you will not be able to automatically subscribe people who register for an event or automatically subscribe all new active members.

Make sure to also look at the Creating managing and importing committee lists articles, which will help clarify some important similarities and differences between committee and subscription lists.

Important: When the opt-in consent function is active, each campaign recipient must opt-in before receiving a campaign. Click here to learn more about opt-in consent.

Important: If you select an option to automatically subscribe all new event attendees or all new active members, you will add these recipients without notification. Use with caution to avoid spam.

Tip: Private subscriptions will not be displayed in your organization’s Glue Up page, MyGlue Up, or Glue Up apps. Subscribers will still be able to unsubscribe.



Managing subscription lists

Your organization’s subscription lists can be found in the Campaigns module’s Subscriptions section. You can manage a subscription by clicking a three dots icon on an individual subscription list. Available options include:

  • View Subscribers: This will take you to the subscription’s contact list located in the CRM module.
  • Edit: This allows you to edit the subscription name, make changes to the description, and customize subscriber settings.
  • Delete: This will permanently delete the subscription list.

All subscription lists can be dragged and dropped to reorder as needed.

Importing subscription lists

If you want to add a large list of contacts into a subscription list, you can import the list into the platform with an Excel file. Go to the CRM module, click the Contacts section, open the All Contacts list selector, and select a list located in the Subscriptions section. Click the [down arrow] icon on the +Add Contact button and click Import Contacts.

Important: If your organization works with EU nationals, you are required to have your recipient’s opt-in consent before delivering them an email campaign. To learn more about opt-in consent click here.